Our Weekly Educational Webinars are dedicated to introduce the new trading techniques that is now available to all new comers traders as week as experienced traders.

    If you are an individual that always wanted to enter the trading word but you didn’t know where and how you can start or could not join due to SEC rules and regulations that requires a trader to have a minimal trading account of $ 25000 before they can day trade the financial market we invite you to attend our free weekly webinars.

    We encourage many current proprietary traders or ex traders to participate this webinar. You will now learn new ways to day trade the financial market with ought a need to have any trading license like series 7 or series 56.

    Now all traders are able to open a live trading account with a regulated legal new exchange and day trade the market with no finger prints requirement or pay for data or trading platform. In most cases you can open a live trading account in few minutes without the traditional ways that most proprietary trading firms requires. It means

    After the webinar we invite you and all other attendees to attend for a day in our free live educational trading chat room and see for yourself how other traders using these techniques to trade the market and make profit in short or long term basis.

    Please fill the form below and we will send you the information and the details about attending our free weekly webinars.