About us

  • Star Alliance Capital is an educational training firm focused on teaching new techniques and tools that profitable proprietary traders use every day to trade stocks, futures, commodities and Forex markets

    Our headquarters are located in the financial capital of the world, one block from New York Stock Exchange in, and we have grown to be recognized for our outstanding training program. We teach our new revolutionary trading techniques which enable you to start trading in a minimal amount of time and become an independent, self-directed trader.

    Star Alliance Capital was founded by experienced, active professional traders and educators. For many years, top and active traders selected Star Alliance Capital as a trusted firm to bring to them the tools, efficiency, and speed that active traders need to trade the fast-paced markets.

    With today's generation of traders entering into the new world of High Frequency Trading (HFT) among other new dynamics, it has become more difficult to make money using the same old trading techniques that earned professional traders huge profits for many years. By these High Frequency Traders entering the market, the rules of trading have changed, rendering the old analytical techniques and concepts obsolete. This is why many traders have lost their edge and wiped out their trading accounts.

    We at Star Alliance Capital have adapted to this new era of electronic trading and have approached this new world of trading with new techniques which are more in line with the current environment. Trading today is ruled by super-fast machines with new trading algorithms that these algo-trading super computers use.