• Professional Active Trading Chat Room

    Our professional active trading chat room focuses on new and unique trading strategies, used by the most successful and active traders in the field. Our mentors and educators who are professional Intra-Day Traders will give you live market analysis throughout the day and will guide you to find optimal trading set ups while sharing their ideas with other our active trading chat room members.

    Participants in this chat room are able to interact with mentors, educators, and other traders, allowing you not only to shadow their ideas but also get valuable lessons during market hours.

    This active trading chat room is for both professional and beginner traders interested in trading among other professional day and swing traders. By participating in this chat room, you are able to learn our proprietary trading methods along with technical chart analysis, market psychology, Level II and momentum styles of trading.

    For a limited time you can try our professional chat room free of charge for 3 days; a risk free trial period with no questions asked.

    Join the Pros LIVE as they trade, analyze and teach you the keys to everlasting success. Learn how to day trade or swing trade the market in a whole new way, unlike anything else you have ever seen...

    By joining our active professional trading chat room you are able to:

    Hear what our traders are thinking in real time.

    Chat in real time with hundreds of other traders all around the world.

    Learn from what other professional traders do so you can incorporate it in to your own trading style.

    Watch via our screen share technology and follow step by step the way professional mentors trade. Using state of the art screen share function, you can see exactly what our traders are seeing - including charts, videos, or any image that they want to share.

  • By joining our exclusive club you'll receive:

    Daily trading Setups

    Trade support and mentoring

    Mini lessons

    Trade alongside expert investors

    Find the hottest stocks on the move

    Up to date market data analysis

    Access to the latest news

    Interact with other active traders

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