Star Alliance Capital offers the best trading education from experienced trading experts. Our educational trading courses cover all topics of day trading, swing trading, and short term and long term trading techniques. You will learn new Low risk/ High reward techniques that can be used in any and all market conditions.

Learn how to trade at our state-of-the-art Wall Street trading floor, or online via our live educational Webinars. If you are in New York City, we invite you to join us for a FREE 2-hour workshop, held every Thursday evening at our Wall Street offices. Here we will show you how our traders use the latest techniques to profit in any and all market conditions.

Don't be left out - use this opportunity to sit next to our experienced traders, ask questions, and see how they trade the markets live.

Benefits of Joinging Us

Why Choose Us

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When it comes to the stock market and trading education, you have many choices, but at Star Alliance Capital, your education does not end when the class is over. At the end of each training session, we provide a free demo account for each student that simulates a real trading environment where you can practice what you’ve just learned.

Our mentors are available to answer your questions and help you fully understand the trading techniques. Our classes are limited in size to ensure a relaxed and focused learning experience.

When it comes to trading education, no other firm compares with the hands-on, personal attention you’ll receive from our educational mentors and real time traders at Star Alliance Capital.


What you will learn

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At Star Alliance Capital, you will learn new trading techniques that can be used in any and all market conditions. Whether the market is going up, down or sideways, you will be able to master when to enter and exit trades for maximum profit and minimal risk.

The techniques we teach are new and most traders do not know they exist. Use this opportunity to learn our secrets and profit from them on a daily basis.

Trading can be an exciting and rewarding career. But if not taught the proper techniques and without skilled mentorship, most people have little chance of succeeding. Let our educational mentors work with you to give you the best possible chance of becoming a confident, fearless, and profitable trader.

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